Report about the Trip of Koch-Mechnikv Forum and Rotary International to Tbilissi (Georgia), 13-16 March 2023


This trip was undertaken in order to renew our contacts with the Georgian medical community which had been interrupted by the COVID-19 Pandemic. In addition, it was attempted to get Rotary International interested in the activities of KMF and in this way to achieve synergisms between the philanthropic work of both organisations.

The full report version in English can be downloaded below:

21.-22.03.2023: 16th Scientific Symposium on the occasion of the World Tuberculosis Day 2023

Das 16. Wissenschaftliche Symposium aus Anlass des Welt-TB-Tages findet vom 21. bis zum 22. März 2023 in hybridem Format...

12.10.2021, St. Petersburg: 10-jähriges Bestehen seit der Gründung der Nord-West Staatlichen Medizinischen Universität benannt nach I.I. Metschnikow